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Layer by layer in ASML

“I started working for TMC Field Service in May 2013”, Dries Smeets says. “I was looking for an international job and started a project at ASML, a large international company in the semiconductor industry. I work at the SIE department as a System Install Engineer (SIE). My job is to install the machines that ASML builds at our customer’s factories and to make sure that the machines operate as they should.”

At ASML, each department has its own expertise in a particular part of the machines, except for Dries’ department. “The interesting part of this job is that I can learn a lot about the system as a whole. In my function, it is very important to have insight in the way the machine works and the connection between its different parts. The processes of constructing microchips are very complex, because they are built layer by layer. Last month, I was in Taiwan for the installation of a machine, when an earthquake caused some technical problems. We had to let the system stabilise for 24 hours before we could continue with the installation. This indicates how sensitive the equipment is.”

In his function, Dries works on projects in countries all over the world. “One of the most challenging parts of my job is travelling. Before I could work abroad I first had several internal trainings, so I would have enough expertise and knowledge of the entire system and have access to clean rooms.”

Dries is very ambitious and is certain that TMC can help him to reach his goals. “My goal for the future is to develop myself in the field of project management. TMC has all the connections and knowledge that Employeneurs need. Besides that, TMC looks for jobs that fit a person. This is one of TMC’s strongest qualities and the main reason I have chosen to work for TMC.”

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