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Involved in the entire process: Gerwin Schaaps' assignment at VMI

I am involved in the entire project from quotation to installation and acceptance by the customer, Field Service Employeneur Gerwin Schaap states.

After his studies in Mechanical Engineering, Gerwin worked as a project engineer and project manager in the Medical Industry for 10 years. With extensive knowledge and international experience, he started as a project manager at VMI Holland BV through TMC. VMI Group is the world's leading supplier of machinery for the tire manufacturing industry. They can count on all major tire manufacturers as customers, including the famous top brands. In this company, Gerwin makes good use of his knowledge of project management. “In my job as a project manager at VMI, one of my tasks is preparing quotations and contracts for the parties involved. I discuss with the customer which configuration the machine needs to have in order to fit in the production process of the specific factory. Most modules of the machine are standard, but there are always customer-specific elements. I am responsible for the equipment being built according to the specifications and configuration as agreed with the customer.”

When the order is placed, all signatures are put and the financial part has been secured, the production of the machines can start. “At that moment I hand over all the necessary information to the production department, so the machines can be built accordingly. When the machines are finished, I get back in business by making an internal acceptance and releasing the machine to the customer. Subsequently, the machines will be transported to the site in order to be installed and commissioned.”

Many of these buyers are located in Asia. Gerwin: “Although I am not directly involved in the production process, my technological knowledge is very useful. It is important to have a technical background in this kind of work, to be able to discuss matters at the same level as customers do, as well as the engineers of the company. Besides the technical aspects, the customer contacts and the commercial input make my function challenging. As a project manager, I have to travel all over the world. During one of my business trips for my previous employer, I met my girlfriend. Now I have a beautiful daughter. My work as a project manager has done me a lot of good, both in my professional and my private life.”

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