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International challenges for a Site Supervisor

One of the unique selling points of TMC’s Employeneurship business model, is to offer Employeneurs the opportunity to work on outstanding projects, so they can build a career in a specific work field with the assurance of a long-term contract. TMC aims to find the perfect match between dedicated Employeneurs and remarkable projects all around the world.

Belgian Dries Smeets started to work for TMC Field Service 1,5 year ago, when he was looking for a new challenge as an international operating engineer. He had participated in the installation process of ASML’s high tech machines and had travelled around the world to install the machines at the clients’ sites. After one year, he realized he was ready for a new challenge and wanted to broaden his work experience at TMC Field Service. ‘Together with account manager Bart Hermsen, I found a great opportunity as an international site supervisor for a new project of Vanderlande and one of their customers: Deutsche Post,’ Dries says. The project comprises the installation of 120 complete Vanderlande systems on site at Deutsche Post.

Dries is currently working on the 37th system located in Leimen. ‘The main goal is to deliver a fully automated telescopic conveyor belt, using the latest techniques in line and loop sorters. The new conveyor belt has to prove itself in terms of costs and ease-of-use. We are building a modular system, which consists of a merge, scanner, sorter and GAPEX conveyor and ensures that packages are always registered and properly sorted. Disruption during the process is prevented. Moreover, we have installed extendable conveyors that make the loading process of trucks more efficient and ergonomic. To meet the highest safety standards of Vanderlande, we have integrated a loop of emergency stops which shut down the whole system in case of emergency.’

As an international site supervisor, Dries has a very important role in the installation process of the systems and works closely together with both the Vanderlande team and several subcontractors. ‘My main task is to ensure that the steel construction of the systems is installed in the correct position and in the right way. On top of that, I am responsible for the installation process of the complete sorter system. Moreover, I inform the site manager about duties, progress and bottlenecks. At the end of the project, the system has to be commissioned and transferred to Deutsche Post. We are developing a training on how to use the system correctly. With the customers attending, the system will be tested before the final approval during a System Acceptance Test (SAT). Currently, we are preparing for this test of the system in Leimen, where I am responsible for the correct attuning, coordination of duties and an orderly and safe testing environment.’

Control project engineer and Vanderlande colleague Wesley Isik says about his cooperation with Dries: ‘It has been a pleasure working with someone so eager to learn and with such highly developed entrepreneurial skills. Dries is always very helpful and has the ability to see where and when he is needed. His perfectionism has led to a successful installation process and a very enjoyable cooperation with all the team members and subcontractors.’ Dries: ‘I fully owe my entrepreneurial vision and taking initiatives to the guidance by TMC and the opportunities to keep developing myself through TMC’s coaching and training. I have a very positive view on my future as an Employeneur and on the opportunities to broaden my career at TMC Field Service.’.

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