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Innovative application of CIGS solar cells

"Looking back at the past few years, solar cells and sustainability have been such an important part of my life. During my career – from the first research paper I have ever written, on to my bachelor thesis, master thesis and internship – I have focused on the applicability of solar cells. I am currently working as a researcher at TNO. One of our projects involves the search for an innovative application of CIGS solar cells. CIGS are best known as an alternative photoactive material in thin-film solar cells. It has the advantages of being able to be produced on flexible substrate materials, producing highly flexible lightweight solar panels, which can be used in applications such as on the façade of buildings or on curved roofs, backpacks and camping tents, and on vehicles."

Employeneur Corné Frijters (27) started working for TMC Chemical after he had graduated in 2012. He is part of the group of young ambitious starters at TMC. Corné: “At the Thin Film Technology Department of TNO, we aim at the development of CIGS thin film solar cells. Every CIGS solar cell consists of multiple layers and each project focuses on one or two layers. This makes my job flexible, as I don’t focus on one particular operation, but I participate in multiple projects. I enjoy this versatility.”

Corné dedicates his interest in chemistry and solar cells in particular, to the chemistry tests at school. “I have always been very curious about the working of chemical mechanisms. They are what our life consists of. At TNO’s, I have the opportunity to explore different aspects in the field of chemistry and focus on the innovative application of CIGS solar cells. On top of that, TMC offers me support with my personal and professional development through training, career coaching and meetings, which are all very helpful. It is my goal to contribute to society in terms of sustainability by making solar cells accessible to everyone. At the end of my career I would like to look back and think: I have meant something to the world and its future.”

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