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Innovation @Philips Healthcare

Rob van Gestel (of TMC Test & Integration) is working as a Test & Release Architect at Philips Healthcare. Last year Rob worked on the Allura Xper, an X-ray scanner for hospitals that treat patients with cardiovascular diseases. Currently, Rob is working on one of Philips’ newest medical inventions; a software product intended to assist in the treatment of endovascular diseases during an endovascular interventional procedure. “The product is to be used in combination with an Allura x-ray system.” Rob explains. “It provides image guidance by superimposing a pre-recorded 3D CT volume on a live 2D X-Ray image. Doing so, the doctor is able to get a 3D overview of the vessel anatomy and possible problems, like an aneurysm. The reason we created the software is that the doctor needs less contrast liquid and uses less radiation during the procedure, which makes the treatment less harmful for the patient,” Rob continues.

“As a Test & Release Architect and Test Engineer, I am responsible for testing the product, releasing the product on the market and defining the test strategy and plans to do so. For example, I work together very closely with Marketing in order to define a test strategy for marketing claims for the product. This is necessary for complying with the strict rules of CE marking in Europe or clearance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, to introduce our product on the market. The FDA’s agreement is a very important aspect of the process: if the FDA does not give its permission, we are not allowed to introduce products on the US market! Currently, we are testing prototypes in several hospitals in Europe.”

“I am very satisfied with this challenging job. The software I tested and released will be used for people with life-threatening illnesses, so it is very important that we can guarantee that the software works properly and does not make mistakes. Besides that, I’m enthusiastic about working for TMC and the Employeneurship! TMC really cares about their Employeneurs and that’s what makes it’s so nice to work for TMC,” Rob concludes.

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