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Improving TPI at DAF!

‘Since September 2013 I’m working as a Senior Test Engineer at DAF,’ Employeneur Gert Martin says. Gert is working within the ES-SA department of Product Development - on an assignment for improving the test process using TPI (Test Process Improvement), which is part of a DAF wide improvement project to reach a higher Automotive SPICE level. ‘The TPI represents 20 key areas. Every key area has its own checkpoints to give a score how mature the test process is for that key area. We use the TPI sheet to improve the test process in order to improve the application software quality of embedded controllers. It’s my responsibility to increase the test process maturity to reach the desired Automotive SPICE level using a perfect balance between practical (e.g. defining a risk matrix to give focus on what to test first) and theoretical (defining a test strategy and templates) work in this case. Because I have general knowledge and experience on testing, I’m able to use this knowledge on test processes,’ Gert continues.

Gert started to work for TMC’s Test & Integration in 2007. ‘Before, I worked for another placement company, but I wasn’t satisfied with my job. A colleague at that time was working via TMC. From the stories he told me, I noticed that TMC offers their Employeneur jobs that matches with the expectations of the Employeneurs. Beside, TMC offers challenging projects, something I was looking for in a new job,’ Gert tells. ‘Another aspect I like about TMC, is that Employeneurs are divided in business cells. To me, this means that I can discuss with my direct colleagues about projects and possible difficulties. Clients notice that Employeneurs in general take always an extra step forward, have critical attitudes on the projects and look for long-term solutions.’

Asking for Gert’s ambitions as a professional in technology, he says: ‘I would like to focus more on the Test Process Improvements and the managing aspects of testing, in order to become a Manager in the future!’

At this moment, Gert finished the project and is working on a new project.

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