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High-performing construction vessel

One of TMC Mechanical clients is Heerema Marine Contractors. Heerema is a world leading marine contractor in the international offshore oil and gas industry and manages the entire supply chain of offshore construction. Recently, Heerema developed a new deepwater construction vessel named Aegir. Employeneur Stefan Woets started work in the Aegir project team in April 2012.
"Aegir - a very high-performing construction vessel - is capable of executing complex infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra-deep water. Besides, it has sufficient lifting capacity to install fixed platforms in relatively shallow water," Stefan says. "Heerema hired me from TMC to be responsible for the commissioning of pipe handling and pipe laying equipment on board of the Aegir. It was my job to test and evaluate the expected results of the pipe laying installation. Currently, the high-performing Aegir is laying pipes in the Gulf of Mexico as its first assignment," Stefan continues.

Stefan has five years of work experience in similar projects and is acquainted with the equipment and products. He could, therefore, offer added value to Heerema. The difference between this project and other projects was the type of company. ‘Before, I was seconded at the supplier’s,’ Stefan explains. "At Heerema’s I had the opportunity to work for the client. Because of this positive experience I would like work for clients more often in the future. My job at Heerema’s is done and my next job is more focused on operational activities. I like the variety that TMC offers and I am very satisfied with my work for TMC’s clients."

When asked about the roots of his passion for technology , Stefan answers: "I did my bachelor in automotive, because I was fascinated by bikes, cars and circuits. Next to my daily work in technology I like to spend my free time in the development of technological solutions too. I enjoy this combination and hope to be able to do so successfully in the future."

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