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Helping to save lives

Helping to save lives is great. It is the pride of Field Services’ Chantal Haenen to do so by installing a wonderful high tech product. Chantal is a ‘factory field installer’ at Philips Healthcare. Every two months he is on the road to a hospital somewhere around the world. Together with a system engineer, he installs and replaces X-Ray equipment.

By fusing real-time X-Ray imaging with 3D ultrasound or pre-procedural MR/CT, surgeons can precisely determine the nature and extent of a disease, safely guide instruments during treatment and monitor therapy instantly. As an example Chantal says “Accurate visualizations and real-time navigation when maneuvering through veins to remove a blood clot is essential. Obviously it is important that there are the lowest possible risks for the patient and with a minimum of X-ray dose. This product gives surgeons the possibility to better locate blood vessel constrictions and after localization they can safely operate.” This X-Ray equipment is designed to give precise insight and full control at every stage of a clinical intervention.

“The difficult part of the installation is the accuracy of the positioning of the iso-center of the X-Ray tube; even a millimeter matters”, Chantal says. “Furthermore these expensive products are very sensitive to damage.” Chantal installs the FD 10 and FD 20 designed for cardio/vascular treatments. FD stands for Flat Detector, the part where the X-Ray is detected”.



Needless to say Chantal is happy with his current project. “Before TMC I had several interesting jobs. But thanks to the education at TMC and Philips I now work on this cutting edge project. I travel to places most people never see, and the cooperation with hospitals is very rewarding. It is an innovative product, which raises a lot of attention and positive reactions during the installment.”

Although Chantal travels a lot, he has strong ties with TMC business cell Field Service. “Field Service feels like a family. All our employees are very involved, and eager to learn from each other what kind of projects they do and whether they are going abroad or not. We are not only colleagues; there is real personal interest as well. All these factors make working for TMC very satisfying.

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