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First installation in Singapore

24-year-old Irishman Cian Murphy recently joined TMC Field Service and did his first installation in Singapore.

“At the Cork Institute of Technology, I met TMC account manager Bart Hermsen, who was there to present TMC and its opportunities to work with ASML. After his presentation, we talked and I also met an Irishman who worked at ASML. Soon, the conversation turned to my moving to The Netherlands.”

“After my exams in May 2013, TMC arranged a job interview at ASML. I applied as System Install Engineer and started in early August that year. The first week hit me with an information overload: there were so many new things to learn about ASML, TMC, and The Netherlands. However, everybody was very helpful and, soon enough, I found my way around. The first tour in the clean room was impressive. Step by step, I got acquainted with the machines, partly by computer-based training.”

“In the ASML test department’s clean room I learnt a lot about the way the system works. I did many calibration tests to make sure everything was up and running. ASML has support teams for every specific part of the machine. That is reassuring and quite different from the time I ran my first tests in Singapore, at the customer’s site. Still, there was a lot of support, but you are on your own. Exciting it was, and the best way to learn.”

“TMC helps me in my personal development through training and a course in Dutch. When I arrived in The Netherlands, Bart Hermsen was there to give practical information and even went to the City Hall with me, so I could settle down easily.”

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