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E-Integration for testing

"E-Integration: this new testing method aims for a faster and smoother process of integration of hard- and software", employeneur Jan Noot says. "I have been working for TMC’s client ASML for three years now. This last year I worked there as an ACTA integrator. Recently, I got involved in the development of a new test strategy for hardware and software integration: E-Integration. It represents a new method to find mistakes in an early phase and can therefore smoothen the introduction within the products. Besides this, the E-Integration shortens the test time of pilot systems," Jan continues.

At the moment, Jan enrolls E-Integration at ASML. He explains: "Up till now, hardware and software developers did not look intensely at each other’s specifications and were mainly focused on their own part of the product. Working with the E-integration strategy, a team is formed and all the team members are involved, thus stimulating awareness within the team, which makes the process go faster."

As one of the initiators of E-integration, Jan writes the test plans, evaluates whether the development of hardware and software are on schedule and monitors the integration process. On top of that, he is responsible for the test benches. "I am excited about introducing and setting up the E-integration," Jan states. "I enjoy working on this project, because I believe it is challenging to introduce a new test strategy to a client. Therefore, I am glad TMC offered me this opportunity. I am thrilled about TMC and it is also one of the reasons I joined the “cell-raad” - a council in my business cell, Electronics."

When asked about his personal goals, he says: ‘It is my goal to work for a couple more years and to get the best out of these. One of the things I would love to do, is to make the world acquainted with Eindhoven as a high-tech industry city. After that, it will be time to enjoy my well-deserved retirement and spend time on one of my hobbies apart from technology: hunting in America!"

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