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Control Engineer @ TNO

"After my graduation from the Technical University of Delft I started at TMC immediately," Employeneur Wimar Klop says. "From the very first day, I was seconded to TNO's optomechatronics department as a control engineer. That is now 2,5 years ago and since then I have participated in several projects at TNO. I have always worked on various parallel projects and this variety is an extra value to me. As a control engineer, I have worked on the conceptual part of projects, as well as on the development and control part. One of my projects is called Vision Based Motion Control. 'Vision in the loop' is one of TNO’s contributions to wrapping more functionality into smaller packages at a lower prices."

"Next to my assignment, TMC has offered me a place in its Master Class," Wimar continues. "This Master Class is dedicated to technology, but also covers business aspects of projects. Furthermore, we learn about the conceptual part of technology, like the rules of product developing. The Master Class broadens my scope and substantially leverages my conceptual skills. In the last stage of the Master Class, we are going to develop a project and use our own ideas for that. I really look forward to it!"

"In the future, I would like to grow as a system engineer/architect and work on the conceptual part of projects, but first it is important for me to gain some more working experience. TMC helps me to achieve my goals, gives me chances to broaden my network and to meet peers, so I can learn from their stories. But for now, I am very happy with my job as a control engineer at TNO. I can do a lot of research in a very innovative company. I feel lucky TMC guides me in my development and I am confident to have made a great start with my career in technology!"

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