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Change management

“During my 4 years at TMC I have already completed quite some different projects and even switched business cells”, TMC Manufacturing Supports' Daan Linders tells. “Thanks to these opportunities I boosted my personal and professional skills".

“I started with a project at Océ. As a technical innovator, I was instrumental in the development of a high accuracy printer carriage. After my team had finished this project, the company took it further and, eventually, brought the product on the market", Daan proudly states.

DAF Trucks was his next assignment. "The project focussed on process improvements and I got acquainted with Six Sigma, a superb toolset. TMC offered me a Six Sigma course to fulfill my tasks at DAF properly.” Meanwhile, he spotted another opportunity at DAF. “In cooperation with a supplier and a senior engineer I built a new sensor for a tag axle. In this project I was concerned about issues like: How do I keep the management and stakeholders informed and committed to solving the challenge? How can we guarantee the safety of the system? This is when I discovered my affinity for change management”

After successfully ending both of these projects, his next challenge was with Philips Innovation Services. “In this project I had to focus on procedures for process improvement in large ASML projects.”, Daan explains. “This assignment was all about implementation and change management and that is why I moved over to TMC Manufacturing Support."

I would like to specialize further in change management and that is why I decided to go for a master’s degree in management, with a focus on implementation and change management. TMC fully supports my switch and backs me up in my study."

This month Daan took on a new challenge in the Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s Department of Mother and Child Care. “My assignment is about product life cycle management. Eventually, I am going to look into the improvement of production processes, solve issues with existing products and implement changes. I am keen to make my contribution.”

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