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C5000 – the fastest palletizer

“In all contemporary production processes is an emphasis on flexibility, ease of operation, reliability and fast recovery procedures. Leading procedures also demand the tracking and tracing of products to guarantee perfect product quality. CSi has developed the C5000 series, a new generation of palletizers, to act on the latest packaging and logistical trends and to offer clients the highest possible production quality. The C5000 palletizer series has been specifically designed for end-of-line and multi-load palletizing, which ensures an optimum balance between speed and gentle product handling. The series comprises CSi’s fastest and most sophisticated multi-load palletizing machine!”

Employeneur Jordy Ansems has been working at TMC for almost half a year and has been seconded as a Lead Installation Engineer at CSi. Jordy: “I’m responsible for the installation process of automated pallet sorting, boxing transportation, and palletizing for fast-moving consumer goods, as well as managing the employees, the assembly, cabling, and testing of the machine after it’s been delivered t

o the client. CSi has clients all over the world, which means that I travel frequently. On my first day at CSi, my team members and I were sent to the UK; for the C5000 project, I’ll be going to Germany to manage the installation process. It’s my responsibility to contribute to a quick and successful installation process and to deliver the best quality to our clients. I enjoy expanding my knowledge of CSi’s products and contributing to the success of the C5000 palletizer series.”

Jordy started his career as a Technical Engineer Weapon Specialist at the Royal Dutch Navy. He got the opportunity to study electrical engineering while he was a corporal. “I’ve travelled all around the world and have seen many things. Although I really enjoyed my time in the navy, after six years, I started to look for new challenges. TMC was the first company that responded to my resume. I’ve worked for two other companies, but I’ve always kept a good relationship with the account manager of TMC Field Service. When the company gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse, the choice to work for TMC was easily made. I’m very happy with my job and prospects to grow within the company. In a couple of years, I hope to become a Site Supervisor at CSi so that I can prepare projects, compose my own team, and responsibly supervise the entire process. Together with the support of TMC, I’m positive in my ability to reach my professional goals in the near future!”

Jordy and his team are currently preparing for the C5000 project, which will be starting in Brazil on August 18, 2014 and in Germany on October 6, 2014.

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