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Butter & Red tape

TMC’s Henk van der Weerd is seconded at CSi (England) as a site coordinator, working on a de-palletizing and de-boxing system project at a dairy production site. He ensures that the installation of this new system happens as planned, coordinates the employees’ work, keeps the customer involved and manages the red tape, the latter being, in his words “extreme in England!” When it comes to customer contact, he makes sure that CSi does not have to wait for the actions that should be taken by the customer, like providing electric supplies, compressed air and test products.

The outcome of the project is the automatic discharge and unpacking of 25 kg bulk boxes containing butter, so they can be sent to the processing departments, without the intervention of human hands. Henk says about the results: “The first tests have been done in a test set-up in Raamsdonksveer (The Netherlands), where the machine has already been accepted by the customer. On site, the installation has been built up and tested completely. The next phase begins now and consists of starting up the production, bit by bit, and carrying out the so-called Site Acceptance Testing.”

“Good preparation really pays off”, Henk states. “I was happy that the basic installation had already been built in Raamsdonksveer, eliminating some stumbling blocks. One cannot know all things beforehand, but apart from some parts that had not been delivered yet and some deficiencies, we did not encounter many surprises.” Apart from this one, maybe: “Being an electronic engineer and having quite some experience with the transport, hoisting and installation of heavy machines, it feels different to be driving a forklift truck in person, rather than having someone else as a driver as I am used to.”

Upon publication , Henk has successfully concluded his project in England and has been assigned to his next project for CSi in Mexico.

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