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“I got in contact with TMC through an old colleague who works for TMC. He told me about his positive experiences,” employeneur René Nass says. “I was looking for a new work environment, but in fact, I was really skeptical towards employments agencies. Now, a year and a half later my skepticism has been replaced by enthusiasm! I am really committed to the concept of Employeneurship and experience that employeneurs are at the core of everything we do.”

René works as a contract agent at Rijkswaterstaat for the southern part of The Netherlands (locations: Den Bosch and Roermond). “I work as a contract agent with a flexible maintenance contract for asphalt and infrastructure works on and alongside motorways. I am the link between client and market,” René explains. “It is my responsibility to create and ensure a good relationship between the client and the market. Working relationships are very important. That is why I try to see my colleagues from other locations at least once per week. On top of that, it is my job to advise on optimization in order to minimize inconvenience during projects.”

My job is not purely technical, but I work in a technical environment,” René says. “For me this is important. I think soft skills are just as important as hard skills, especially in the area of technology. It all starts with listening carefully to the client’s needs. Besides, it is very important to tune the project details and to take good care of the framework of the assignment. For example: how can we manage and monitor the process in order to serve the client in the best possible way? I believe having perfect skills, both hard and soft, is necessary in every technical position.”

“My aim is to contribute to better accessibility in The Netherlands, because I believe logistics are very important to a country’s development,” René states. “In three years’ time, I would like to be a knowledgeable contract agent at another innovative organization linked with TMC.”

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