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An innovative project of 38 meters

Tom Schaddenhorst and Ferdy Onink are TMC Chemical Employeneurs. They are not only TMC colleagues, but they have also worked closely on a project at DSM Food Specialties in Delft. “We both worked at the new spray drying facility”, Tom states. With it’s 38 meters, this facility is the biggest of its kind within the EU. It was commissioned early in 2014. The outside looks like a gray box, but the inside is far more exciting. “The spray dryer is equipped with the latest innovative technology.” In Delft, DSM produces yeast extracts for products like soups, sauces and broth. This is done in a watery solution, but the end product is a powder.

“As a process technologist, I am responsible for combining and comparing theory with practical execution within the Yeast Production Business. The most challenging part of this project was to set up and execute validation plans and protocols. In my previous work, I was a biotech operator in the Pharmaceutical Industry. To get acquainted with the food Industry, DSM and co-workers, was a fantastic challenge.”

“As a chemical technologist, I work on the optimization of the process for drying of yeast extracts”, Ferdy continues. “After commissioning of the plant early 2014, there was a need for further optimization of processes and for organizational support to accelerate the learning curve regarding these processes. This learning curve was established by means of visual management and standardization of work flows. I can proudly say that we have succeeded, sometimes even quicker than expected.”

Both Tom and Ferdy are pleased working for TMC. The Employeneurs conclude that the project they work on is very fulfilling, because they have reached a lot of goals in a seemingly short period. The next goal for them is to discover what kind of projects and functions suits them. Working for TMC is the perfect way to figure that out.

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