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Allround expertise in laser technology

TMC Fieldservice's Werner Lipkens explains how he applied his knowledge of laser technology in different work fields.

Do you work with laser technology in your current assignment?

“I have just started a new project at an international company called Tomra, which is a leading provider of sensor-based sorting and processing technology for the fresh and processed food industries. Our machines contain lasers that can sort, based on colour, structure, size, shape differences and biological detection. Laser scanning detects contaminants even when the products and the defects have the same colour. I work at the Food Department and I am responsible for the installation and well-functioning of food sorting machines at our customers factories.”

In what kind of work fields could you use your knowledge?

“My first assignment was with a global market leader in mastering equipment for optical discs. These discs are produced with the aid of laser technology. When the project ended, I started working at a company which produces lasers for the semiconductor industry. I had to make sure that the lasers were properly connected to a microchip manufacturing machine. I have worked with all of these machines. Although they have totally different outcomes, they share the same technology.”

What is the most challenging task of your function at Tomra?

“At Tomra, I am also responsible for training operators, maintenance and machine experts so that they get basic knowledge of the machines and also know what to do when these are malfunctioning. Our company sells food processing machines all over the world, so I also train foreign technicians and I write manuals. The variety of tasks in my job is large and I work with people from operator level to management level. The combination of all these aspects makes my job challenging.”

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