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All over the world

“Travelling is in my blood”, Antoine Bos says. “TMC gives me the possibility to be seconded at companies all over the world. For me, this is one of the many advantages of working for TMC. As a site supervisor I have had projects in more than 15 different countries like Australia, Congo, Ukraine, South-Korea and Nigeria for periods varying from 3 weeks to 3 months.” Antoine is a very flexible person and his suitcase is always packed for a new assignment. “To me, it is very easy to travel all over the world because my family supports me. However, living in other countries and cultures can be difficult at times. In the Ukraine I had to work in very hard circumstances, because of the extremely low temperatures.”

In the past years, Antoine gained a lot of experience in building, testing and commissioning machines for abattoirs. “When I got an assignment to set up a textile machine line in Germany and later a wall-paper machine in Belarus, I applied my skills in a completely different work field, but the working processes remained the same. I get a lay-out of the way a machine has to be placed and then make sure that the building is measured and that the equipment is correctly installed.” All decisions that Antoine makes are carefully deliberated with the customer. “When the customer gives his final approval and I have finished writing a report, my part in the project is done. I feel like I am the ambassador of the company I work for, so when the customer is satisfied and the machines are working properly, I have successfully finished the project.”

This month, Antoine started working on a totally different project: a very challenging one indeed. “I am now in Sochi, Russia. For the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games on Friday 7 February 2014 a Roller Coaster has to be ready. I will support the contractor called Vekoma to deliver it in time.”

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