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Added value @Rademaker

"With over 15 years of experience in product development, I started to work as an interim R&D Project Manager at TMC one year ago." Frank Zaayer is seconded to the R&D department of Rademaker, a specialist in food processing and bakery equipment. "My first assignment was the redesign of their cooling conveyors. It was a real challenge to adapt these to current and future industrial bakery requirements. Recently, I started a new project. This one involves the redesign of another dough processing line in order to adapt it to strict standards of hygiene and safety and to make it future proof."

For Rademaker, it was quite an experiment to take an external R&D Project Manager on board. "My background is in a completely different type of industry," Frank explains, "and I know this initially raised some doubts. I present myself more as a process manager than as a product expert. It is my job to bring the right parties to the table at the right time. In addition, it is my responsibility to build a team with the right expertise, to determine its scope and to motivate all its members to come up with creative and innovative solutions."
Frank is proud that Rademaker evaluated his efforts in positive terms. He really 'added value' and and the 'experiment' turned out to be a success.

"My independence as an external professional allowed me – more than the in-house members of the team – to focus on the project and to act as a neutral party, since I am not tied to status or history within the organization."
When discussing his future, Frank says he definitely wishes to grow in this type of interim R&D projects. "It would be great to work for several clients at the same time and I would not mind projects getting more complex.” Especially 'clean technologies' have his interest. "However, for the time being I am perfectly happy with my challenge at Rademaker’s. I have found the perfect match to take advantage of both my experience and my education.”

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