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TMC Masterclass: succesfully meeting market needs

Sometimes, inspiration can be drawn from surprising sources. From a colleague’s Romanian father-in-law who works as a bee-keeper in his spare time, for example. That’s what happened at the most recent TMC Masterclass. A simple remark led to the bRemote project, which is now close to realizing an innovative system in bee-keeping. Pieter Jansen, TMC Employeneur: ‘The Masterclass really expands your view in lots of ways – creating new systems is just one part of it.’

Pieter Jansen currently works as a Mechatronic System Engineer at Demcon Macawi Medical Systems, in Eindhoven. Among other things, he helps design control units for respiratory systems, which are used in ambulances and Intensive Care Units. Two years ago, Pieter applied to the third edition of the TMC Masterclass. It’s a two-year program, offering TMC Employeneurs the chance to learn about hi-tech systems creation, to develop their own product, and to put it on the market.

Every Masterclass includes around fifteen of TMC’s most creative and ambitious Employeneurs, from a variety of fields. They come together every month, and for the first year of the program they learn about each other’s specializations, which broadens their technical perspectives. This process gets them out of their comfort zones, as they step into the worlds of marketing, business creation and project-leading. Near the end of the first year, each member presents his or her own idea for a new hi-tech system, and from those ideas, two or three are chosen for development.

‘That’s how the bRemote project started,’ Pieter explains. ‘Several ideas were pitched, discussed and eventually discarded. Then, one of the members mentioned his Romanian father-in-law, who is a bee-keeper. The father-in-law complained about the lack of modern technology for counting and measuring the bees’ activity. Right away, we started asking questions: could we create such a system ourselves? What should it measure, exactly? How many systems were there at the moment?’ 

Not a lot, it turned out.

‘We immediately felt we were on to something. We had found a product that filled a gap, something that until then was missing in a specific field.’

The second year of TMC’s Masterclass is dedicated to putting the idea into practice. Pieter: ‘The question is: how do you get from a promising idea to a product that answers a market need? The Masterclass really makes you experience the relevance of market need up close and personal – there’s no point in creating something new for a very crowded field.’

At the moment, the Masterclass is nearing its end, but the bRemote Project isn’t finished, not by a long shot. The new product will be presented at the AgriFoodTech Event in December. And the new system might just lead to other improvements in the field. The bRemote project itself will continue as an independent, uniquely qualified start-up – the ultimate goal of TMC’s Masterclass. 

Read more about the bRemote project at:

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