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Oncology Diagnostics

Employeneur Janneke Wrobel (27) works as a bio-molecular engineer at TMC Chemical. The function of the human body, in particular molecular cell biology, has always fascinated her. After several studies and a master thesis project in cell line development, Janneke was approached by TMC to offer her an interesting and challenging job at Philips. ‘I started as a research scientist at Philips in November 2013,’ Janneke explains. ‘I do not only conduct my own research, but I also contribute to projects by sharing specific knowledge as well as carrying out experiments in the research lab. I am currently working on the development of oncology diagnostics, tests in a larger oncologic research project. At the moment, cancer is mostly treated with the use of chemotherapy, which also destroys ‘healthy’ cells, so the goal of our project is to develop a test that can determine which target medication (second generation of cancer drugs) is suitable to treat each specific patient. It goes without saying that this is a very challenging project!’.

In the world of science and technology that is mostly lead by men, Janneke believes that, in the field of chemistry and biology, the ratio is becoming more equal. ‘For instance, I notice that the number of women in the TMC Chemical business cell is increasing, as well as in the Philips research department. To encourage young girls to pursue a career in science and technology, we have organized a Girls’ Day Event at Philips Research. Our goal was to enthuse and inform girls about possibilities in technology and chemistry and why it is interesting for women to be contributing to research and developments in these fields. Oncology diagnostics may be one of the topics for them. I believe it is my task to actively represent my profession and I hope to inspire young girls who are interested in a future career in technology and science!’ .

‘I am very happy that I have chosen to work with TMC. Honestly, my initial attitude towards placement companies was rather sceptical, but my experiences with TMC have definitely turned this around! They surprised me, in a positive sense, with all the effort they put into their Employeneurs’ career development. TMC also supports me with my goals: to pursue challenges in molecular cell biology and, more specifically, to contribute to improving patient health care!’

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