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Motion Algorithms In Ultrafast ALD

SoLayTec is a spin-off company of Dutch research organization TNO and was established in 2010. The company develops, delivers and services machines for atomic layer deposition (ALD) on solar cells worldwide. The SoLayTec ALD machines are intended for industrial production in the solar market. For more infprmation, please watch the instructive clip here.

SoLayTec’s ultrafast ALD uses spatial ALD for Al2O3 deposition. This technology is based on the spatial separation of precursor gases instead of time-based separation. The different gases are confined in specific process areas as the wafers pass by. Every point on the wafer is in contact with the wafers sequentially. This creates the (real) ALD effect and reaction. In the SoLayTec machines the process places in the core deposition units where a wafer is moved upstream and downstream through an injector head twice per second resulting in eight layers per second (a deposition rate of 1nm/sec).

Control technician Jan van Yperen helped the company with the design of the algorithm to manage the movement of wafers in the deposition of the thin aluminum oxide layers, the development of test routines and the instruction of service engineers. Jan recently moved over to this company.

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