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Employeneurs around the world: meet Megha Tatti

65 nationalities are working at TMC, and counting… In this five-part series we introduce some of our colleagues worldwide and share the stories behind these nationalities. Today we meet Megha Tatti, Data Engineer at TMC USA.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am Megha Tatti. I am 25 years old, and I grew up in India. I moved to US to get my master’s degree in Computer Science, which I completed at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Now, I am a Splunk Data Engineer at TMC USA North East Inc. Before TMC, I started my career as a Programmer Analyst in Chicago. I have always been passionate about Data Engineering/Analytics. I love exploring new technologies emerging in this field. I see myself working in Data Analytics in a long run with more complicated analytics related projects as I love to play with data, manipulating it to see different and interesting results and bring value to the company.

Other than these, in my free time, I love dancing, especially the contemporary style and Bollywood style, and painting. Besides that, I love animals, especially dogs and cats. I would love to have a pet of my own someday.

Why did you choose to work at TMC?

The concept of Employeneurship was intriguing to me. I loved the idea that TMC allows employeneurs to think and act like entrepreneurs which results in more creative freedom and continuous development. This makes me grow professionally and personally. Besides that, it will help me in my work with latest technologies.

What do you like most about working as a Data Engineer at TMC USA?

The job entails daily interactions with the stakeholders to collect requirements, and then analyze the data to get insightful ad-hoc reports and build interactive dashboards which I love. I enjoy the daily interaction and brain storming sessions.

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Curious about his story?

Can you describe your dream project/dream team?

I would like to work on a data analytics project that contributes to a data driven business model of a company to give insights such that it benefits the operational/ financial goals of the company. I would love to work with a team having wide variety of skills. This results in interesting and different ideas on approaching a problem statement.

What makes TMC USA unique?

The concept of Employeneurship is unique. To me, it is unique that TMC allows their employeneurs to think and act like entrepreneurs that allows for more creative freedom and continuous development.

If you could work at another TMC office for a while, where would you like to work and why?

TMC is a great company to work for. The team is very supportive and responsive. It gives me opportunities to explore and learn new things. However, if I could work at another TMC office for a while, I would love to work in the Paris office so I could get a chance to explore the beautiful city of Paris.

What advice would you give future employeneurs?

My advice to future employeneurs: If you are excited about the newest technologies and want to explore different areas, TMC is a great place to start. The team is great and supportive and encourages studying and learning more about the latest technologies. They help you work towards your goal and help discover all your areas of interest in your career.

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