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Ambitieuze en ondernemende experts zijn welkom bij ons

We verwelkomen alle ambitieuze en ondernemende zielen. Alle? Nou ja, bekijk aan welke kwalificaties en vaardigheden experts moeten voldoen volgens onze cliënten. Je kunt hieronder enkele vacatures vinden die per direct moeten worden ingevuld. Zit er niets voor je tussen? Neem toch gerust contact met ons op. Als jij een echte professional bent die openstaat voor verdere ontwikkeling, dan vinden wij een project dat bij jou past.

Selecteer je vakgebied

Life Sciences (Nederland)

Quality Engineer Pharma/Biotech (South-East NL)

Do you also derive satisfaction when something is working efficiently and as intended? Are you passionate about quality and thrive for perfection? At TMC, you will have the opportunity to work with a motivated team of employeneurs with a similar mindset. Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)

Lead Data Engineer

When starting new vehicle developments it is essential to have the most accurate information on the operating conditions of trucks and truck components. The growing availability of many big data sources enables this information to derived more complete and accurate. Based on this information requirements will be set for new vehicle and component designs, maximally optimized to operating conditions. This information will also be essential for optimal control function development. Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)

Data Architect

We offer an interesting position in our department for a Data Architect. As Data Architect you contribute in a team responsible for the development for a big data analysis environment and connected processes. Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)


In this position, you will apply your expertise in bioinformatics, machine learning, quantitative data analysis and leadership to develop innovative data science solutions across multiple therapeutic areas in clinical drug development, thereby thinking along in various applications of bioinformatics and data analysis tools in our in our focus areas of food safety, fermentation, protein transition and the human microbiome. To achieve this, you will scout new technologies/methods and work in a highly multidisciplinary environment with world leading clinicians, data scientists, biological experts, statisticians and IT professionals. Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)

AI Researcher

As an AI Researcher you help our customers to become familiar with identifying, designing and implementing new algorithms. With tools such as Python, R and mathematical techniques and statistical models, you reveal hidden data and help the customer with end-to-end data solutions. You help the customer - on location or from the office - from big data to real impact! Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)

Medior/Senior Data Engineer

In this position you are responsible for building and managing the infrastructure and components that will handle all the data and logic of our domain. Every day, you work in close cooperation with the business owners, product developers and application developers to create the best solutions. Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)

Algorithm Developer

We offer an interesting position in our department for a Algorithm Developer. As a algorithm developer you contribute in a team responsible for the development and implementation of algorithms. Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)

Deep Learning Engineer

In this position you will work with up to date Deep Learning technology in a team of highly skilled professionals. Being a team player with excellent communication skills is a key requirement. This means you will work closely with your colleagues and can truly make an impact. Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)

Medior Data Scientist

In this position you will be responsible for developing new technologies for machines and vehicles. You will use data analytics and machine learning techniques to predict machine behavior and derive the optimal settings for robots, autonomous vehicles and industrial machines. Meer informatie

Data Science (Nederland)

AI Scientist

As an AI Scientist you will work in a top tier team of AI experts, solving real-life cases using latest ML techniques. You are expected to build innovative AI solutions that together with engineers and system developers can be deployed as real-time solutions to provide customer value. Meer informatie

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