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The successful application of TMC’s QuickScan at VBR Turbine Partners

TMC Data Science’s QuickScan at VBR Turbine Partners Received with Enthusiasm

A lot is happening in the field of data science. There is a growing enthusiasm and interest in the wide range of possibilities that data science can offer to companies. From smart diagnostics using machine learning algorithms to sales forecasting and building recommender systems, the number of possibilities keeps on expanding. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to navigate through this vast field and choose the right applications for your company.

Data Science QuickScan

TMC Data Science launched the QuickScan to help companies kick-start or accelerate their data science activities. By bringing the know-how and experience of its 20+ data scientists to the table, TMC Data Science provides a great opportunity to tap into the data potential without companies having to make a major investment. A successful example of QuickScan is seen in the collaboration between TMC and VBR Turbine Partners.

Expanding data-driven services

VBR Turbine Partners are independent maintenance improvement experts active in the global markets for energy generation, process industries & city heating. VBR is a pioneer when it comes to providing data services. They provide their customers with a remote decision support service for effective management of Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance from a long-term perspective. The platform improves engine uptime by preventing unscheduled engine stops & engine downtime.

Aiming to enhance their services, VBR wanted to investigate ways to expand data-driven services and future-proof their platform by looking into aspects such as scalability and streamlining. After the initial conversations and brainstorming, two Data Science Employeneurs have been on-site at VBR. For two days, they have conducted interviews, investigated the current status of the platform and ways to expand VBR’s data services. Afterwards the advice is condensed into a report elaborating on possible paths to increase added value for the platform’s existing customer base, as well as for new customers.

As a result, QuickScan delivered a plan of attack that is in line with VBRs business goals and existing data infrastructure. The results of this tailored approach have been received with enthusiasm:

"The Data Science QuickScan team was very knowledgeable and complementary on both technical as communicative aspects. I really liked the way the way they communicated; with enough depth to serve as a guide for our engineers, but also in words that are understandable for less technical people. So I'm very happy with the results of the QuickScan and I would definitely recommend it to other companies!" says Patrick Jansen, Chief Services Officer at VBR Turbines.

If you would like to know more about QuickScan and what TMC Data Science can offer to your company, please visit our website or get in touch with Bram Thelen.

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