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MTSM | Building new connections for clients

How do you know the event you organized was a success? The clearest sign might be: the participants didn’t want it to stop. That’s exactly what happened at TMC’s recent Meet The Service Manager event. ‘We had scheduled an hour for our discussion about new technologies,’ says Frank Barendse, TMC Employeneur and Account Manager. ‘We talked much longer than that, and the participants started exchanging business cards and planning new meetings right after the event had ended.’

The Meet The Service Manager event was hosted by Philips Health Systems, Eindhoven. ‘It was the fifth time TMC had organized an event like this,’ says Frank Barendse. ‘Every event has been held at the offices of a different client. We always collaborate very closely with them.’ For this event, TMC invited Service Managers from eight clients: Philips, Vanderlande, GEA Food Solutions, Rademaker, Besi, Trumpf, Hauzer Technocoating and Kiremko. 

‘For us, it’s a different way of helping our clients,’ Frank Barendse explains. ‘We want to do more than strategic insourcing and consultancy. We also want to help our clients by establishing new connections, by expanding their networks. With events like this, we stimulate a friendly exchange of ideas, in an easy-going atmosphere – it’s informal but professional.’

On the day, two subjects in particular were discussed: new technologies and Lean Production Methods. After a tour of the Philips Health Systems plant, one of Philips’ research experts demonstrated their latest virtual reality glasses and talked about potential applications. Then, the participants enthusiastically discussed the ways in which these new technologies might be used in their own fields. They talked about possible setbacks as well, and immediately tried to come up with solutions.

The discussion about Lean Production Methods, and the different ways the Service Managers use these methods at their own companies, also proved fruitful.

Robert van Keulen, Field Support Manager at Philips, was also pleased with the event: ‘No matter how big you are as a company, you’re never too big to pick up new insights. That’s what makes meeting like-minded professionals so interesting and valuable: it always leads to new ideas. It would be a mistake to think there’s nothing left to learn, and what’s more, it would be a missed opportunity.’

Throughout his career, Robert has noted that different types of companies often experience the same challenges: ‘Tiny differences in approaching the same problem can make a huge impact in the end. A slightly different perspective on new technologies or production methods can be very helpful.’

After the event, several of the Service Managers told Frank and Robert they would continue discussing the topics at their own companies, and they might even use some of the insights from the event on future projects. ‘That was great to hear,’ Frank says, satisfied. ‘That’s when you know you’ve reached your goal.’

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