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Light is life! GLOW festival connects the world with largest site-specific lighting artwork ever

The annual GLOW festival is an enormous event which attracts about 750.000 visitors to Eindhoven each year. Due to the corona pandemic, a big physical event is not possible this year. Fortunately, the organization came up with a spectacular alternative: Connecting the Dots.

This years’ event is made possible by the Finnish light artist Kari Kola and the Dutch artist Ivo Schoofs. They have come up with the new artwork ‘Connecting the Dots’. This 80 square kilometer artwork consists of over 1.500 LED lights, 1.000 red lights bulbs in the sky and over 20.000 red light artworks in front of the windows. This results in an amazing view of an enormous mantle of blue light around the city of Eindhoven.

The third participation at GLOW

The TEL Project of 3Beam has already participated in GLOW twice before. 3Beam is an interactive project in which they split light into the three primary colors: red, green and blue. Each color is projected separately, but when they get mixed, they produce effects that were hidden before.

Because an interactive and live promotion of the project is impossible this year, an alternative has been found for 3Beam to still be part of the festival. The team has developed a special showcase, called Connecting You. The artwork creates a 3D light and shadow effect, which is unique, depending on your position. The ‘Strip Tease’ installation is a playful combination of colors coming from strips of LED lights. The main three colors used are red, blue, and green, the three additive colors that when combined produce white light. The LED lights are hidden and attached to an internal cylinder that rotates; the rotation of lights allows ‘connecting’ the three colors, generating various effects, that afterwards are projected on the walls of the showcase. The light and artwork of 3Beam is showcased until 28 December.

“We are proud that we contribute to this lighting artwork. It is a difficult time for everyone, so connecting with each other is more important than ever. I hope that people will enjoy this magical light art and feel the warmth,” says Lotte Geertsen, Director of The Entrepreneurial Lab.

How to be a part of it yourself

If you want to see GLOW this year, that is possible from all over the world. People are asked to turn to the live stream instead of coming to Eindhoven. If you want to tune in to the livestream, please visit the GLOW website. And hopefully we will meet you again at the next GLOW festival in 2021.

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