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Bitbucket and Trello integration

Are you looking for a way to organize list, cards and prioritize project in a fast and flexible way you should try: Trello. It is becoming one of the worlds most popular project planning and collaboration tool. Using Trello powerups, Trello boards can now be integrated with your code archives in Bitbucket as well. Ideal for teams who don't have a software background so everybody can see at a glance what the status is of your project and can collaborate without needing to understand Bitbucket.

In the screenshot below you can see where Trello activites are linked to branches in a Bitbucket archive. In this case a kanban style board connect activities and or tasks to code in your Bitbucket source repository.
No need for non-development software people getting familiar with workflows or different GUI's.

Creating branches and performing Bitbucket actions directly from your Trello cards:

Read more about Bitbucket and Trello. If you have any questions regarding ALM or Atlassian tools, please contact TMC Application Lifecycle Management.

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