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6 ways to beat the work-from-home-blues

It might have sounded good at first, working from home for a while. Decide on your own working schedule, no traffic on the way to work, less distraction from your colleagues... But after working remotely for a while, with no end date in sight yet, the work-from-home-blues are kicking in. We give you some tips and tricks to stay happy and motivated. This is not just good for your own mental health, but also for your relationships with your loved ones and colleagues.

1. Cut your colleagues some slack

These are strange times we are living in, but everyone is adapting in the best way they can. While you might be working from home very quietly, your colleagues might experience this situation in a totally different way. They might have a partner who is working from home as well, they might even be home schooling their kids in between work, or they might even face serious issues with the coronavirus in their direct environment. Therefore, we cannot stress enough that, especially now, you should be patient and supportive towards your colleagues. Are you annoyed with something? Count to ten. Are you surprised with something positive? Give compliments.

2. Listen to feelgood songs

One of the advantages of working from home is that you don’t have disturbing colleagues coming to your desk every now and then. A downside is that it can be a bit boring as well. Even if you have trouble focusing with music in the background, some good music or even just one happy song a day can really cheer you up. So, if you listen to music while working or if you have a solo disco dance in between meetings: feelgood songs will create a positive vibe and enhance your productivity.

3. Balance body and mind

There are many ways to ensure a healthy balance for your body and mind. It might be tempting to spend your time behind your desk and on the couch when you have to stay home as much as possible, but it is extremely important to stay active. Start your day peacefully with a yoga or pilates session or go for an afternoon run during your lunch. If you prefer a more active workout to clear your head, then go ahead and have a hardcore strength training to pump up your muscles. Whatever option you prefer, getting your heart rate up and exercising will make sure you keep a good balance for your body, mind and soul.

4. Plant some happiness

Another way to beat the work-from-home-blues is to make sure you have a nice and clean home office. First of all, make sure you hold on to that clean desk policy. Next to that, add some color to your workplace. The best way to do this, is to add some natural colors by having a few extra house plants. Besides the visual upgrade of your home office, plants have many health benefits as well. As we breath, we absorb oxygen and bring carbon dioxide into the air. Plants do the exact opposite, which increases your concentration and productivity!

5. Focus on the positive

We share a tip with you to make sure you keep focusing on the positive and find your way out of that downward spiral. Every day you should make a list of three things that go well or that you’re grateful for. This is an easy task which only takes you two minutes per day and has a great impact on your mental health. Don’t make it too difficult and think of the small things you appreciate in life: a nice walk in the sun, a good chat with your friend or that delicious lunch you have had. You can do this either at the beginning or the end of each day, whatever works for you. In this way you train your mind to focus on the positive.

6. Treat yourself well

Last but not least, treat yourself well. Unfortunately, we cannot go to a bar, visit a restaurant or have a party with friends and family in these strange times. As we should focus on the positive, there are many things we can do to treat ourselves well every now and then. Get a big, fat Magnum ice cream or order a full plate of sushi from your favorite sushi restaurant.

With these tips you should be able to hold on to the positive things in life and beat the work-from-home-blues. Before you know it, life is back to normal and we get to meet back at the office and do all those other things you love in life.

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