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5th anniversary of TMC Paris

TMC Paris was one of TMC’s first international offices, and they are now celebrating their fifth anniversary! Exactly 5 years ago, Loïc le Mené jumped into this adventure. After an extensive research period, we saw great potential for expansion in Paris where some major clients are based. France itself has great engineering universities, mostly centered around Paris, the same area that most large companies are situated with their headquarters. And today, we can say that is was worth it! “I am proud of the growth that we have made in these five years. It is great to see how successful the Employeneurship model is in France,” says Loïc, CEO of TMC Paris.

Breaking the rules of the French way of working

France has a very traditional labor market and working relationships. Therefore, Loïc was surprised with the business model of TMC. “I have experience in the tech sector, but I was used to a certain way of working. TMC’s Employeneurship model sounded very different and unique to me. And more importantly: something I can genuinely identify with!” explains Loïc.

During the first conversations with our current Employeneurs, we found out that for them the Employeneurship model was unique as well. Long term work relationships, coaching, training, and transparency is something you do not find in most companies. Especially the latter is a unique selling point in France. With a transparent model, people feel appreciated and part of the family.

The office in the French capital now has five business managers and grew to 100 Employeneurs in five years. The USP of the business model is what brings some challenges as well. When selecting new Employeneurs, it can be challenging to find people with true entrepreneurial skills, which is an absolute must for TMC. But business is going well, and TMC now has offices in the most important French tech regions. The Paris office is aiming to grow to 200 Employeneurs in the next five years.

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