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TMC Employeneur Awards: Entrepreneurial spirit rewarded!

“Like a great leadership guru once said: ‘People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards’. This is exactly what the Employeneurs Awards stand for: stimulating Employeneurs to follow their entrepreneurial spirit, to reward them for their exceptional accomplishments, and to make them feel valued and proud of what they have achieved.”

Since 2016, Noortje van Boxtel, cell director of Manufacturing Support at TMC, has organized the TMC Employeneurs Awards – a task she fulfills with great pleasure. “The Employeneurs Awards were founded a couple of years ago with the aim of rewarding the exceptional work of our Employeneurs,” Noortje tells. “Before that, we worked with a bonus system that was mainly focussing on stimulating maximal productivity. Although a lot of our Employeneurs were eligible for this bonus, insights showed us that the overall productivity did not increase over the years. That’s why we decided to create a new bonus system to reward not just productivity, but also the entrepreneurial behaviour of the Employeneurs who are making a difference for TMC, a customer or a fellow Employeneur.”

Rise above yourself

Twice a year, TMC offers the opportunity for Employeneurs to be nominated for the Awards. “People can be nominated by a colleague, an account manager, a cell director or a customer,” Noortje explains. “We believe that by doing this, we can collect all of our success stories. For instance, when an Employeneur has helped gain new business, made an exceptional contribution to a customer, brought in a new lead, made an active contribution to a TMC event, was an active mentor of a fellow Employeneur, or helped publish positive stories in the media.”

A jury, consisting of randomly selected Employeneurs, collects all the nominations and ranks them to determine eligible winners for one Gold, one Silver and multiple Bronze awards. Employeneur and member of the organizing team, Roel de Natris: “The fact that the Employeneurs Awards are organized, nominated and elected by colleagues is one of the main reasons that makes this bonus system so powerful. Through my participation in the Employeneurs Awards Team, I have seen how this stimulates Employeneurs to make the extra step, and, by doing that, rise above themselves.” “The Employeneurs Awards have also proved to be a great way to motivate customers to give valuable feedback,” Rob van de Pijpenkamp, also Employeneur and chairman of the jury, adds. “Moreover, I noticed that by organizing the Employeneurs Awards, we increased the overall ‘TMC-feeling’ at the company. Employeneurs consider it a huge honour to get involved in the process and are enthusiastic about getting to know more about their colleagues’ activities and this new system. I hope that awareness of the Employeneurs Awards will continue to grow in the coming years and that we will be able to create an environment in which everyone who experiences an outstanding activity at TMC feels comfortable to nominate the persons involved.”

Platform for success stories

Currently, the Employeneurs Awards Team is making preparations for the first round of 2017 nominations. Noortje: “The best part is that we have discovered just how many examples of entrepreneurial behaviour leading to (personal) success we already have. Up until a few years ago, these achievements mostly went unnoticed within the organization. With the Employeneurs Awards we have created a platform to open up, share our success stories, and give them a well-deserved place inside and outside of our TMC community.” Roel: “To most Employeneurs, it’s not the bonus itself that matters, but the fact that we reward and value the accomplishments of our Employeneurs. We actually inspire them to make a difference in their work and in their lives. And that’s what it is all about at TMC.”

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