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TMC visits IAI industrial systems in Veldhoven

On Thursday July 10th a group of 30 Employeneurs and other technical enthusiasts, with Kees Biesheuvel as their inspiring host, visited IAI industrial systems. IAI industrial systems has specialized in the design and supply of industrial production systems in which laser, optics, precision mechanics and control software play key roles. They supply their systems to the following areas:

  • Document Security Printing;

  • Laser markets;

  • New niche markets, such as automotive, semiconductors and solar.

Koos Krutwagen opened the event by giving a presentation on the kind of document security features that are available for today’s document security and the kind of products IAI industrial systems offers to deliver these functions in for example credit identity cards, paper money, passports and certified documents.

After the presentation we were split into smaller groups and each visited one of the four demonstration areas, where IAI industrial systems specialists offered them a close look at the equipment and its key features. There were many questions and they were all answered.

We closed the event with an informal drink in order to give everybody the opportunity to get to know each other and to get answers to any remaining questions.

All in all it was a great event that sparked the enthusiasm of both IAI industrial systems and TMC engineers alike. I would like to thank Kees Biesheuvel, Koos Krutwagen and the IAI industrial systems team that manned the demo equipment for making this event possible and I look forward to the close cooperation between our two companies in the future.

Marco Lemmen
Senior Account Manager
TMC Physics

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