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TMC opens three offices in Italy

After the successful launch of TMC in Belgium and France, TMC is again expanding its horizons with the launch of TMC Italy. In January, TMC Italy will start with three offices in the cities of Milan, Turin and Rome. We talked with Emmanuel Mottrie, the CEO of TMC International, and with Antonio Abadessa, the new CEO of TMC Italy, about the introduction of the Employeneurship model to Italy.

Italy ready for Employeneurship model

“The success of the new offices in Belgium and France has shown the potential of the Employeneurship model in Europe,” says Emmanuel. “In both countries we are the fastest growing technical consultancy company. That says a lot, especially in a country like France, which is the home base for many big players on the technical consultancy market. We are truly the new kids on the block.”

For Antonio, the Employeneurship model was the main reason to start the adventure with TMC in Italy: “I experimented with some aspects of the model myself at a previous company I worked with, giving more responsibility to the consultants. And it worked very well. But the company didn’t continue with it. Like TMC, I believe that the market in Italy is ready for it. And the Italian engineers as well. They will be very excited to experience this new way of working.”

Milan, Turin and Rome

“We are starting in Milan, Turin and Rome because of the engineering activity there,” says Antonio. “Automotive is very big in Turin, in Milan there’s a lot of telecom, and in Rome you’ll find a lot of telecom also, plus aerospace and defence industries. Our goal is to recruit 30 Employeneurs in the first year and to have over 200 Employeneurs after five years.”

Emmanuel is very happy with the signing of Antonio Abadessa as the new CEO of TMC Italy. “We are looking at a lot of countries to expand the philosophy of TMC, but the most essential thing we need to start up in a new country is to find the right person for the job. Antonio has the unique combination of being a great manager with a proven track record in the technical consultancy sector, combined with excellent entrepreneurial qualities. I can’t think of anybody better qualified than him to make TMC Italy a success.”

International mobility for all Employeneurs

“The great thing about TMC’s expansion into new territories is the international mobility we can offer our Employeneurs,” Antonio adds. “Of course it will enable TMC Employeneurs to come to Italy, but it also works the other way round. Italian engineers like to travel and to work in other countries, and they adapt easily.”

Emmanuel agrees: “Yes, and we are hoping to increase that international mobility this year. We are constantly looking at new countries for TMC. We are now active in four countries. But by the end of 2016 we are hoping to double that number. 2016 will be a very exciting year.”

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