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TMC joins Deltalinqs

Willem Kuipers, manager business development at TMC and the driving force behind its cooperation with Deltalinqs, on entrepreneurship and innovation for economic development:

On the first of January, TMC joined the ranks of Deltalinqs. This association represents the common interests of all the logistical and industrial companies in the Rotterdam port and industrial area. It is considered to be the focal point and spokesman for more than 700 registered companies and associations. Together they cover €6 billion of the gross regional product and represent 90,000 employees.

In its unique network of contacts, Deltalinqs is the consultation partner at a regional level, both for the government and the EU.

Deltalinqs’ mission is to proactively promote the collective interests of the affiliated companies and associations. Deltalinqs aims at increasing political and social support for the activities of these companies and associations. Deltalinqs’ lobbying activities in The Hague and Brussels express that entrepreneurship and innovation are basic for economic development.

Deltalinqs focuses on promoting an innovative entrepreneurial climate, and is therefore a good match for TMC, that wishes to expand its brand name northwards. Mr Kuipers states: “It brings and keeps parties together. The Deltalinqs’ member companies are active in chemical industries, oil refinery, offshore engineering and electricity and energy manufacturing industries. TMC wishes to contribute to innovative projects in existing companies and can help starting-ups, as it delivers technical experts with multidisciplinary skills. As soon as an Employeneur has finished a project at company A, he of she can more easily proceed to company B, as recommendations are made in the network.”

TMC stimulates innovative entrepreneurship by sharing its vision on the labor market and its business model of Employeneurship, which can serve as “good practice”. Mr Kuipers: “Companies are interested in the creation of a so-called flexible layer of employees: rather than fixed contracts, they want to give them temporary contracts for defined projects. TMC’s Employeneurs are familiar with these project contracts.”

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