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TMC introduces employeneurship model to France

Fifteen years after the launch of TMC in the Netherlands, and the birth of the employeneurship model, TMC is now introducing its pioneering philosophy to France. The first TMC France office opened its doors on 1 June 2015 in the city of Rennes, adding to TMC’s existing offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.
TMC is the Netherlands’ market leader in providing companies with the best-of-the-best technical engineers, and now has over 700 ‘employeneurs’ working in R&D and related high-end technology positions.

Rennes is the perfect place to start

Yvan Pareja, the new CEO of TMC France, explains the choice for Rennes: “Rennes is the perfect starting point for us in France, because it sits in the heart of a great technical region that fits perfectly with TMCs activities and customer portfolio. This region is known for its diversity. Every sector is present here: Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Energy, Automotive, Pharma, Aeronautics, etc. And Rennes is close to Paris, so it will give us great opportunities in the future.”

Pierre-Yves Thomas will be the first ‘cell’ director of TMC France. He explains: “My job is to implement the cell-philosophy of TMC: to bring together like-minded people from each sector to create a strong network of knowledge, entrepreneurship, co-operation and creativity. TMC tells a new story that is very exciting. I can’t wait to introduce the employeneurship model to French engineers and companies and tell them how it can develop and enhance their careers and businesses.”

Revolutionising the technological labour market

The driving forces behind the expansion of TMC into Europe are Thijs Manders, Founder and CEO of TMC, and Emmanuel Mottrie, CEO of TMC International.

Thijs Manders: “15 years ago we revolutionised the technological labour market in the Netherlands. Engineers were, and often still are, undervalued. But with the employeneurship model, we created a new platform to attract the best engineers out there and help them to develop their entrepreneurial side. They get to follow their own curiosity, developing skills inside and outside of their own field, becoming specialists who excel working in multidisciplinary environments. Through our innovative model, employeneurs have greater control over their own careers, and they reap the rewards of their efforts. They are the workforce of the future. And they greatly improve the competiveness of any company they work for.”

Emmanuel Mottrie: “Over the last 15 years, employeneurship has been a huge success in the Netherlands. It’s exciting to see the model continue to grow and evolve. It just gets better and better. Last year we introduced the model in Belgium, and already TMC Belgium has grown to a workforce of over 30 employeneurs – something that would take most companies 2 to 3 years or more to accomplish. With successes like this, we can afford to have big ambitions for the future. Within five years we want the new TMC Rennes office to have grown to 100 employeneurs. And eventually we want TMC France to expand to three or four other cities. Later this year we hope to open a TMC office in another country, maybe even more.”

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