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TMC event 'InnovatiekrachtNL' @drijvendpaviljoen

On October 30 2014, the annual TMC event innovatiekrachtNL' took place at 'Het Drijvend Paviljoen' in the city of Rotterdam. Eppo Bruins (STW) introduced his year’s theme: 'the circular economy'. Several speakers, discussed the theme further, by examples and breakthroughs from their field of expertise.

Hans Baggerman (Van Nelle Factory) shared some examples tangible within our daily lives and set out that 'Het Drijvend Paviljoen' in itself is a showcase example of the circular economy. How to design buildings in an environmental friendly way and still live comfortably? Nature leads the way according to Daan Bruggink (Orga Architect). Taco Neeb (Tendris) showed the huge potential of algae, not only in our food chain but also in turning waste into value. This leads to completely new business models. Finally, Remko de Lange (VanderLande Industries) discussed how to close the loop of raw materials in an existing production chain. He emphasized the need to cross borders and think integrally over the value chain, spanning suppliers, manufactures, and customers.

The need, the urge to change our way of using natural resources is no longer a question. These pioniers convinced that exciting times are ahead, and expressed optimism by the potential of recent technology breakthroughs and emerging new business models.

Please view the photographs for an impression of the evening. A successful event and we look forward to meeting you at the 2015 edition of TMC InnovatiekrachtNL!

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