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TMC @Eindhoven marathon

And then the waiting begins. There’s a strangely tense atmosphere in the air. Everyone knows this is the day. This is your chance to prove how fast you really are. All that boasting will count for nothing in a few moments. However, you know it will be impossible to get off to a lightning start, as the thousands of others slowly shuffle forwards. You just hope you’re in the right spot. That you won’t have to manoeuvre through the slower runners, and at the same time that you won’t be overtaken from every side. The mind game has begun.

45 minutes into the race. The first relay team arrives at the first changeover. As more teams come in, some of them stumbling, the contestants pile up and a quick changeover is not on the cards. It’s quite common for a runner to have to wait several minutes for his teammate. TMC does well though, after the final changeover TMC-1 see their placing at the top come increasingly closer. At the finish line the crowds cheer and applaud the runners as they come in with the sun shining down on them. After just under 3 hours and 7 minutes TMC-1 comes 6th out of 366 teams. The other 3 TMC teams do very well too, finishing in 30th, 60th and 78th place.

Of course the day is brought to an end with beers and the quintessentially Dutch bitterballs and thoughts already wander to next year. It’s doable, coming in first again. Whatever happens though, everyone is more than welcome to join the TMC running team and to fight to reach their goals and those of TMC.

For more information about the Marathon Eindhoven 2014, check the website.

We wish to extend our gratitude to TMC for sponsoring the shirts!

Sporty regards and we hope to see you next year

Judith Ruijken & Jarno Broeze

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