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TMC: Double Diamond @ Philips

Last week Philips granted TMC the diamond status of a supplier of knowledge workers for both its categories: Engineering Services and Software Services.

With this ultimate preferred supplier relation Philips expresses its appreciation for TMC’s Employeneurs in its many projects in Research & Development, PINS, Lighting, Health Care and Consumer Life Style.

“The impact of the diamond status will be big”, explains TMC Cell director Roger Hacking. “All relevant vacancies will pass our office and we will be among the first to respond.”

Both Philips and TMC’s Philips Account Team Specialists expect a bigger work load and a broader diversity in the relation between the two, encompassing activities scattered all over The Netherlands.

“It will certainly deepen our strategic discussion with Philips about the role of flexible knowledge workers in research & development and in engineering.” Hacking concludes. “And that is key to further future success”.

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