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TMC continues to sponsor Niels Langeveld & Certainty Racing Team in 2015!

TMC has renewed its sponsor contract with Niels Langeveld, multiple dutch race champion. Due to the great successes in the past season, the new contract is even better and has been extended. Besides the sponsoring of Niels, TMC will also sponsor the teampartner ́Certainty Racing team ́ TMC will share the benefits of the new partnership with her employeneurs .

Niels Langeveld: ‘’I am very delighted with the new partnership with TMC. The rationale of this sponsorship is rather simple; we strengthen each other business wise. TMC aims to increase involvement and coherence within it organization and sport facilitates that ambition. It is therefore that I will involve the highly educated people to my sport and love to do so. I am looking forward winning together with TMC.

Thijs Manders: ‘’Our employeneurs are all highly educated and active in complex and technical environments. Sports which besides the element of competition, have a strong technical aspect are very popular amongst our employeneurs. Our kart racing evening-events are always fully booked and many get enthusiastic when talking about cars and motorsports in general.

TMC and Niels perfectly match together in terms of ambition and culture.

Self steering, personal responsibility and always full throttle ahead. The races will be closely followed by TMC. In 2015 the competition will even be broadcasted on national television. Now with Max Verstappen racing in formula 1, 2015 will certainly be a year of drive and technical progress.

We will use the racing sport to enlarge the enthusiasm and bonding within TMC. Our employeneurs will be invited to join races as a VIP and the winner of the pool will be offered to attain his or her a racing license including a (rental) race car. Next to this, we will shortly launch a very special private lease arrangement to our employeneurs which allows them to drive their own car based on Niels racing car.

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