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TMC Belgium: a first step to TMC International

“Engineers are undervalued, both socially and economically. It’s a paradox of today’s labour market that the status of an engineer reflects neither the difficulty of gaining the qualification, nor the shortage of highly-trained people in these positions.”

Emmanuel Mottrie, CEO of TMC Belgium, talks passionately about his people. TMC has only been in Belgium for eight months, and is already off to a flying start. Emmanuel: “We’re very ambitious, but also realistic. Within five years we want to expand the company here in Belgium up to 200 ‘employeneurs’, as we like to call them. We think that’s possible. I’ve done it before, and TMC Netherlands has done it before. The goal for the first year is 25 ‘employeneurs’, and already, after 8 months, we’re at 23. What’s more, we’ve already built a portfolio of 11 customers ranging from automotive to high-tech, and from research centres to industrial corporations.”

The model of ‘employeneurship’ is the main reason Emmanuel chose to partner with TMC and to establish TMC Belgium. “It’s what makes us true innovators of the Belgian technology consulting market. This model didn’t exist before, and it’s how we attract the most talented people and find the best place for them within the industry. We enable them to take charge of their own careers, we coach them to become more entrepreneurial, and we make sure they reap the rewards for that entrepreneurship. This creates stability, because our people are happy. We’re a lean company. And this, in turn, makes for happy clients, because of the stability, and because we provide them with the best highly educated specialists. Technology executives, scientists, researchers, designers, and developers with an entrepreneurial mind-set, who actively help our clients in finding new opportunities and innovations.”

For Emmanuel, Belgium is the first step on a journey of international expansion. “It’s our ambition to start-up in two other countries this year. We’re looking at Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries. We’ll start them up as greenfields, as independent cells. We’re convinced that’s the best method, because every market is different and each phase of growth in a company is different. With these companies our philosophy of autonomy, ownership and entrepreneurship will continue to be central. What also remains unchanged are our values and the ‘employeneurship’ model. That’s how we’ll write the next chapter of TMC International. Over fifteen years, TMC has grown to a family of 600; in the next fifteen years, we can grow that family to 6000.”

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