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Thijs Manders on Employeneurship

In its latest issue the glossy Eindhoven Business reflects on Thijs Manders return to the helm of TMC. After operating on the sidelines for about a year, and after TMC Group had been taken over by Gilde Buy Out Partners, he's back, providing leadership in his own dynamic way to the company he founded over a decade ago.

Crucial for him has been the delisting of TMC: "Now, again, I can act much more as an entrepreneur. And that means not to weight up every single word and consider a press release first when is come to discuss our vision, strategy and plans for growth with our employeneurs, customers and partners".

For him passionate entrepreneurs are a great source of inspiration and it thrills him to give them and extra leg-up to achieve success in their endeavors. "TMC employeneurs are not only very good in their technical expertise, but they also demonstrate a healthy bit of entrepreneurship. This is one of the reasons why they are often involved in core processes within companies of our clients. Sometimes reaching beyond their actual assignment."

TMC aims to grow to 1000 employeneurs and is closely looking to adjacent markets in Belgium and Germany. "Particularly in Belgium we see a lot of potential. They are familiar with high quality technical secondments, but not with our model of Employeneurship. If we can introduce that model, there will be a great new market opening up for TMC".

The ambition to grow is a constant theme in Thijs Manders narrative. But the employeneur in him emphasizes that this ambition can only be achieved in the TMC Group – in all its veins – consistently continues to demonstrate Employeneurship. "There is a big world out there. That is what we tell our people almost on a daily basis. And that's why I'm glad to be at the frontline again."

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