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Thijs Manders 15 Years TMC

The dawn of the new millennium saw the rise of a new company with an entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on the changes on the market for high tech professionals. On February 1, 2000 Thijs Manders launched TMC, a new breed on the temp work market.

In his vision, the booming high-tech region of Eindhoven needed a new kind of service. The time spent on R&D-projects was reduced time and time again. Individual projects required a wider range of professional skills. Both trends pointed to the necessity of creating more flexibility in the provision of highly skilled professionals.

Headed by a pureblood entrepreneur, TMC grew big in Eindhoven and then expanded to Utrecht and, recently, to Brussels. Many of his Employeneurs found their way to clients. Thijs is weary of restrictive clauses like 'non-compete'. He encourages his Employeneurs to bring out their best: "TMC is a nursery for young talent".

In a small gathering at the Ozzo bar, TMC staff partied with Thijs to memorize the founding of 15 years ago. Ronald van Gerwen: "Over time, Thijs was the founder and CEO, and later the Chairman of the Board. More than these titles can express, he was and is the brain, the heart and the soul of TMC." As a token of appreciation he handed him a special creature, referring to one of Thijs’ hobbies, so a monumental Goshiki koi carp will soon join the crowd in his pond at home.

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