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Successful prototype presentation of the STORM Pulse

The first electric touring motorcycle in the world has become reality! In October, STORM Eindhoven revealed its prototype the STORM Pulse, the first electric touring motorcycle ever made. To celebrate this milestone STORM organised a special event to present Pulse to the world.

On the evening of the event around 1000 guests gathered at the location of the Metaforum Markthal at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Among the guests were sponsors of STORM, family, friends and of course all members of the STORM Community. ‘For the last couple of months the team has worked very hard on the realisation of our prototype,’ Maartje Verhoek, PR manager of STORM Eindhoven tells. ‘And not without reason! Besides the fact that we wanted to create the first electric motorcycle in the world we have also made it our mission to circumnavigate the world in 80 days relying fully on the STORM Grid.’ The STORM Grid consists of companies, enthusiastic individuals and universities all over the world who are all willing to offer the team a chance to charge their batteries. In this way the team wants to show the world what electric mobility is already capable of. Filmmaker Claudio van Planta was the first to announce his participation for the STORM Grid, which is already filled with many more individuals.


Besides a very exciting presentation about the making of Pulse and the revelation of the prototype, STORM Eindhoven took the opportunity to announce the ambassador of the project: television newsreader Rick Nieman. ‘We approached Rick because we wanted to attach a significant name to our project,’ Maartje tells. ‘Due to the fact that Rick is an enthusiastic motor driver and has a very inspiring vision about sustainability we believe he is the ideal person to link to STORM Eindhoven. He was very excited when we approached him and we are honoured with his contribution to the project. During the presentation he talked proudly about our team and the concept and design of the motorcycle. Moreover he made an appearance at the television program RTL Late Night to talk about Pulse and to give our team members the opportunity to show our prototype to the world!’

International publicity

In addition to the television performance at RTL Late Night STORM Eindhoven also attended a show at the Dutch television channel NPO2. Maartje: ‘We are very happy with all the media attention. It is energizing to see how many people are interested in our project. The response is huge and both public and experts are enthusiastic about our prototype. Currently, we are testing our motorcycle intensively and with the test results we will improve our concept in order to produce two improved motorcycles based on Pulse. Moreover, we are expanding our national and international publicity by showing Pulse on large international gatherings. After the presentation we went to the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) in Bordeaux with NXP, to the Greenpower trust in London and finally to the ‘World Energy Solutions’ in Stuttgart. With this we hope to enthuse people, companies and universities to join both our project and the STORM Grid so that we will have a place to charge our cartridges each of the 80 days.


‘We look back on a very successful prototype presentation and are excited for the coming period,’ Maartje continues. ‘Like most projects we are depending on sponsorships. That’s why we are very happy with partners like TMC who have put a lot of effort into our project. We would like to invite all interested people to follow us in the media, to register for STORM Grid and share our excitement for the coming period!’

For more information and registration of STORM Grid please visit:

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