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Stella - Still Unoffically - Wins its Cruiser Class

In a spectacular last day the Eindhoven Team completed the race in the Cruiser Class as the number one. Eindhoven is proud at its team and all of the Dutch are proud of the overwhelming result of the 1st (Nuna7 of Nuon and TU Delft) and 3rd (Solar Team Twente) place in the Challenger Race where speed dominates and the 1st place in the Cruiser Class were not only speed and practicality prevail.

The Australian UNSW Solar Racing Team - Sunswift - left its competition behind on time. It finished 1 hour 23 minutes ahead of its first rival, Stella. But it is expected that Stella will head the overall classification because of the formula in this contest. It is the only car to carry 4 passengers from start to finish. With the introduction of this class in the race, the organization challenged innovators in the solar world to move toward a practical commuting vehicle. Stella - who earned an official approval by the Dutch Rijksdenst voor het Wegverkeer - is the closest to a family car ever. The outcome of practicality tests - a parking test, usability of the dahboard, verification of numberplate registration, counting of seats, and a luguage test (how many suitcases fit in the car) - determines the final score.

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