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Solar Team Twente ready for the World Solar Challenge 2015!

Only a few more days and the World Solar Challenge 2015 finally begins! On October 18th all teams gather in Darwin for the start of the 3.000 kilometres long prestigious solar race through the Australian outback. Since two weeks the Solar Team Twente, sponsored by TMC, is in Australia to finalise their solar car the “Red One”. Time for a quick update before the final take off.

‘The first couple of days in Australia we worked on some practical issues, like installing our workshop at the Charles Darwin University,’ Wouter Put, responsible for external relations of the Solar Team Twente states. ‘We are the only team that has a workshop at the university, a fully equipped and very attractive place to work. Besides that, our technical team members worked hard on preparing and completing our solar car. All parts had to be replaced for new ones, in order to get everything perfectly connected. Moreover we implemented some new car systems and now we are busy with some practicing protocols. During the race there are predefined places where we have to stop for half an hour. At these stops the Red One will be boosted and recharged and we can refuel the other convoy cars. Because we only have a limited 30 minutes it’s very important that everybody knows what to do, when and how. For this we have made a special protocol: the control stop protocol.’

Australian climate

Wouter explains that the team also does some relaxation in between all the work activities. However, the team doesn’t’ get too far away from the solar project. ‘We had a nice BBQ with the Alawa Scouts who gave up part of their home base for six weeks, so that we can stay there. Besides that, we had some dinners with the other Dutch solar teams from Delft and Eindhoven and the Belgium team from Leuven at a beautiful beach and with a warm sunset. We notice that we have to adapt to the Australian climate, because it can be very hot and humid. The wind chill is reaching the 40 degrees Celsius every day! Therefore our drivers can only do their work out and exercises before 8 am. Moreover, the rain season is coming, which means that it will be raining a lot every day. It could just be that we have a lot of rain during the race and face this extra challenge!’

Number 1 in 2015?

‘Starting from next week on, we will be busy testing our car on public roads, because we need to get permission of the Road Authorities,’ Wouter continues. ‘In The Netherlands the testing was very successful, so we are not expecting major problems in Australia. Overall, everything is going according to the schedule and the whole team is very excited for the race! We have an amazing team spirit and feel very supported by all our sponsors in The Netherlands. We share updates and new information about the race and our team frequently, so that they are informed about that progress we make. All the positive reactions strengthen our mission to become the winner of this year’s race. With being number 5 in 2011 and number 3 in 2013 we think we have a good chance of becoming number 1 in 2015!’

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