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Solar Team Twente finishes second in the World Solar Challenge 2015

After a 3,000-kilometre race, the TMC-sponsored Solar Team Twente finished second in the World Solar Challenge 2015, only 3 minutes and 35 seconds behind the winners of the challenge, Solar Team of Delft. The ‘Red One’, as the car was called, was 4 hours faster than the Twente team at the last World Solar Challenge in 2013.

A narrow margin

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge runs from north to south Australia, through the wild outback. A difference of 3:35 on a 3,000-kilometre race is practically nothing. “On the final day, we did everything within our power to get that first place back,” says team member Robin Haandrikman right after the finish. “It’s very disappointing to miss first place by so little, but at the same time we are very proud.”

Leading half the race

Twente lead the race for half the time, and their average speed was 90 kilometres an hour, a lot faster than the 79 kilometres an hour achieved by the Twente team in 2013. “That’s very fast,” says Robin. “The team of Delft was just a little faster. It’s difficult to grasp. Just a few traffic lights in our advantage could have nudged the outcome in our favour. But we are very happy with our ‘Red One’. There were no technical problems whatsoever. ”

TMC congratulates Solar Team Twente

TMC wants to congratulate all the members of Solar Team Twente on winning their silver medal. We are a very proud partner of the team and hope to see them back in the next World Solar Challenge in 2017!

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