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Silver Award Wim Roos

The phlegmatic silver award Wim Roos feels honored to have won this TMC Employeneur Award 2014. The jury praises his initiatives to build diagnostic and simulation tools that are used by ASML worldwide. "Without any direct personal benefit, Wim worked long hours to solve a customer problem. He developed a product that is now a key tool for the customer." The jury adds: "This is what is expected from an employeneur: surprising both the customer and TMC by going beyond your personal assignment and client expectations".

The value of 0.4 seconds

For four years now, Wim's habitat in the immense ASML machines has been the Wafer Stage. This is where the silicon wafers are measured and illuminated with laser light to get the patterns onto the wafers with nanometer precision.

In his regular work as a sub-function architect, he succeeded to reduce part of the process from 1.9 to 1.5 seconds. This simple 0.4 second boosts the capacity of wafer handling with 6 extra wafers per hour. It is up to a business analyst to calculate the profit of this growth in productivity: a lunchtime estimate ends in millions of euros.

Trace definition

Following his intuition, Wim did something more. He developed a tool to easily create trace definitions in order to trace errors in the ASML machines. This innovative application runs on a laptop, thus avoiding costly machine time or the use of the scarce capacity of a test bench. With some 1,500 unique users and over 30,000 uses, the tool has become standard practice in ASML’s maintenance routines.


After this success it should not come as a surprise that Wim took up a new challenge. The wafer stage is carefully locked from outside interferences and the wafers are – for technical reasons – embedded in water. Therefore, it is impossible to actually see the different steps in the handling of the wafers. Wim figured out that the visualization of the processes in a digital simulation would be a tremendous help to analyze traces. His new tool digitally represents all activities in the wafer stage, so a trace can accurately and conscientiously be analyzed. With its 700 users and over 6,000 uses, this tool is also on the road to success. It took him some 400 to 500 hours to build it. Some 80% were off office hours; simply beyond his assignment, just to take an extra step.

Living with both TMC and ASML

After 4 years of ASML his loyalty lies with both ASML and TMC. A regular participant of training sessions, he values TMC’s attention to personal development. It is not his style to opt for the technical courses as well. "I can do that more effectively and more efficiently on my own." he states.

To 50-year-old Wim, employeneurship adds something extra to the job: just to make things better for the customer, for colleagues, and for the fun of it.

Silver award Wim Roos values TMC and his Electronics Cell for the efforts to build a community of professionals. "It is an addition to the rich environment ASML provides me with, as it attracts many talented and experienced professionals."

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