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Silver award Jack Beukers

The 43-year old silver award Jack Beukers is honored to win this TMC Employeneur Award 2014. He is proud of it. He says he welcomes this award as a support for his work in harsh circumstances. But honesty first: he loves difficult situations and flourishes in extreme working conditions.

In many ways Jack is a self made man. He ran his own company and transported large equipment to Eastern Europe and beyond. After selling this company successfully, a sabbatical year learned him he needed new challenges. He started looking way beyond the horizon of neatly planned projects. After a while TMC International Site Management linked him to work of his liking.

The jury awarded Jack for saving biggest project ever. The report states: "He went way over all expectations for an assignment with all elements of a mission impossible. TMC wants to show customers that employeneurs are the most highly skilled and can be instantly used for projects. By starting within 24 hours and almost instantly set the project on track Jack proved the value of employeneurs to the customer. He proved that employeneurs and TMC have unique skills that over impress valued customers."

Entrepreneur in the Dessert

Jack is an employeneur of the adventurous type. He is committed and very customer oriented. He is at his best in an uncertain environment when leadership counts to come to results.3

Jack worked all over the world as a project manager and troubleshooter for turnkey projects. Gradually the projects became bigger, grew in complexity and had ever growing budgets.

In earlier days he supervised the site management for the construction of the biggest European distribution handling installation and pallet material handling systems. Today he is the international site manager responsible for the installation of welding equipment, milling, lathe machinery, and measuring equipment in several locations in the new plant of chemical giant Sadara in Dammam in Saudi Arabia. Under his regime there are 230 sea containers loaded with machinery and tools, in this € 23 million project. Depending on the stage in the project, some 6 to 13 supervisors as well as 60 to 130 subcontractors report to him. He directly reports to the customer.

The project is not only in technical terms complex, but also in terms of weather conditions, the cultural diversity of contracted companies and people, and the legal infrastructure – or maybe the lack thereof.


The world is their stage, but the global community of site managers is small. There is a strong demand for this type of professionals. Many of them operate as independent professional in a freelance contract. But Jack is happy with TMC. The security of a long-term contract is important to him as is the monthly pay and the independence on site.

Silver award Jack Beukers sees tremendous opportunities for young professionals to grow into this business. He is eager to share is expertise and his attitude with youngsters. Last year he organized within TMC a workshop to help seven field engineers to the lever of site supervisor of even site manager.

"What we do is no rocket science," he explains. " There is no official education program to train site supervisors or site managers. Every project is different. You never know what comes next. It is a knowledge game with many uncertainties. A lot depends on your planning skills and hands-on leadership. That is why we spend a lot of time on story telling." And that is something Jack also likes: talking about his work and the many peculiar and sometimes bizarre things that crossed his path.


On of the strong elements in TMC offer to employees is coaching. He would love to find a way to use these coaching facilities. But that appears to be very difficult. While working in in a remote area under difficult conditions there is simply no time. And when he is at home all his attention is dedicated to his family.

Jack is a man of the moment. His biggest challenge is to bring today's assignment to a successful end. That is what his customer expects. He thinks TMC could go further. There is a tremendous need for project managers, PLC-engineers, specialists in logistics and mechanics. Tariffs are good. There is still a world to win.

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