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Robot Under Construction

In a Pizza-session on November 4th 2013 Mr. Eddie Mennen, director of Yaskawa Benelux discussed the impact of the shift in robotics from welding, painting to new technologies and new application areas like milking or slaughtering. An interested audience exchanged views on the introduction of robots in (health)care or other fields where human interaction is essential. Compared to industrial robotics, this poses new problems and requires different solutions,. How can a robot be programmed to deal with changing environments, have flexible trajectories, intuitive and user friendly interfaces, smarter safety systems. With support of TMC a group of employeneurs decided to – hand on – investigate the issue in the development of a demonstrator. The yet anonymous robot is planned to crunch oranges. A simple activity but suited to gain insights into different domains of a humanoid robot and challenging enough to make to add knowledge in this new field.

The concept meets the following requirements:

Control of the robot by using a ‘higher’ software environment like ROS (industrial) or Labview,
Integration of vision to make the robot flexible and aware of its surroundings,
Implementation of a flexible gripper to make it possible for the robot to do different tasks,
Make it perform some tasks that could also be needed in service robotics.
Both for TMC and Yaskawa – with an installed base of over 270.000 robots all over the world – a beautiful way to network in Europe; for the team a fine road to professional development. We will follow the development of the demonstrator all to way to its presentation on the High Tech Systems Fair in May 2014.

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