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Quiz Night XL 2015: A resounding success!

There’s an atmosphere of competitive fervor as around 1,250 participants gather in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven to do battle with their technological knowledge. They all have the same goal: to win a prize, but mostly they’re just here to have a good time. Bram Wittens is one of the TMC participants and, with his electronics background, reckons he could do well. “I also took part last year. It went so well that I put my name down again straightaway. Winning a prize is great, but it’s the fun that’s the most important thing.”

Top tech teams face off…

TMC is the evening’s main sponsor and has 20 teams taking part, alongside teams from other companies and educational institutions. Ferrie Aalders of Philips is taking up the challenge with his wife and colleagues. “I did the ‘Two for Twelve’ television knowledge quiz a couple of years ago and appeared three times because I kept winning. I think our team has a great chance,” he smiles.

Following a sensational performance from Rudebeats, the 4th Quiz XL Night begins. Participants answer the questions using the interactive voting system, which they also use to order drinks. Guido de Greef is part of the Number 42 organization that is running the event. “There are some pretty tough questions this year, along with a few ‘giveaways’. I should know because I helped think them up.” The questions challenge the teams’ knowledge of current technology, from innovative projects, such as STORM – the world’s first electric touring motorbike, to the Dutch ‘Klapskate’.

…for top prizes

The tension is tangible as the audience is asked to answer within a minute. They’re all eager to take home one of the amazing prizes, which includes a seat on a KCD-10 while it refuels F16 aircrafts. And there is a special prize for the best female team.

But it’s all about togetherness

TMC Director Sander Lieftink is proud of his team. “I’m glad that we’re all here together, because most of these Field Service Employeneurs work abroad,” Sander says. “We’ve got fighting spirit, but with respect to the other participants, of course!”

The resounding success of Quiz Night XL 2015 is due not only to the organization and live entertainment but also to the great enthusiasm of the teams. Thank you all for taking part!

Photography: Bram Saeys

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